We believe in celebrating your individuality. Whether seeking a casually-elegant look for lunch with friends, or a style to make an impact at work, Silver Pink has the outfit to suit.

Sally at photoshoot - Silver Pink


Quality - Silver Pink

We like the finer things in life, and in our fabrics. Our collection is made from cashmere and cashmere blended yarns, that use the highest grade raw materials from Inner Mongolia. They’re easy to care for, and made to last.

Unique - Silver Pink

Our stylish cardigans and jumpers are designed in the UK. They’re exclusively sold by us online and at a selection of events. So, when you wear Silver Pink, you’re unlikely to be caught in the same outfit as someone else at a party!

Versatile - Silver Pink

We design every product with your busy and varied lifestyle in mind. This means that, with any one item, you can create several stylish looks. Dress it up for a formal dinner, or team with jeans for a summer picnic. With our knitwear, the choices are endless.


Sally Jones - Silver Pink
Sally Jones - Silver Pink

Five years ago, Sally Jones had a cardigan. It wasn’t just any cardigan. It was one of those special items of clothing that made her feel incredible whenever she wore it. At home, it kept her warm while walking the dog. Passers-by would stop to say hello and compliment her outfit. At work, she felt confident when armed with her special cardi. It always seemed to be a conversation starter.

“One day, I drew a quick sketch of my cardigan and began to play with the design. Little did I know, that piece of paper would be the start of a new and exciting adventure for me. That simple drawing became the iconic Long Trim Cardigan, and Silver Pink was born.” - Sally Jones


Our aim has always been to create the finest quality clothing, that’s versatile to suit your lifestyle. We’re constantly looking for new ways to do that. From new products and colours next season, to the return of travel-friendly favourites; there’s a lot coming up in the Silver Pink pipeline.

With these exciting plans ahead, we hope you come along for the ride.