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History of Cashmere

Once of the most luxurious fibres in the world it is no surprise people go crazy for it, us included. Steeped In rich Italian history one of the most outstanding things about this beautiful fabric is that when you purchase a piece of cashmere, you have purchased a piece that will last a life time.

The origin of cashmere stems from the Himalayan Mountain Range, firstly in Mongolia but then distributed around the world. The goats from the mountains supply the extremely fine hair used to weave the wool that makes cashmere. The finest hair can be found under the neck and belly area of the goats. It can take up to four years for a cashmere goat to naturally shed enough fine hairs to knit one jumper.

With the expanse of the Asian empire, cashmere was traded to western countries placing Italy on the map as one of the largest producers of fine wool. The most popular use of cashmere in the 18th and 19th century was to weave shawls for the wealthy members of society. The luxurious fabric was also used to make dresses because of the lightweight natural feel. Today, the most commonly made garments are jumpers, cardigans and tops of the highest quality.

Here at Silver Pink all our cashmere is ethically and organically sourced from Cashmere itself, we pride ourselves on the heritage of the fabric and uniqueness of the brand.

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