How To Wear Colour With Confidence

With the cooler weather, it becomes increasingly tempting to reach for our trusty black staples, however this season, sombre winter hues have been replaced with a palette of bold brights!

Here are 5 ways to brighten up your wardrobe and wear colour with confidence:

Find out what colours suit your skin tone

Colour with confidence - Silver Pink

Not all colours suit everyone so find out what colours suit your specific skin tone, for example this v neck jumper in orange with a camel trim compliment’s dark hair beautifully. Colours that really suit you work with your natural colour palette to make your skin look healthier, your features more defined and your eyes bigger, what’s not to love?

Embrace your personality

Colour with confidence - Silver Pink

Choose colours that best represent your mood, intentions or career goals with vibrant pink, tranquil blue or positive orange.

Be Bold With Accessories

Colour with confidence - Silver Pink

If you want to ease into the practice of wearing bright colours, your accessories are the perfect place to start. Teaming a colourful scarf or bright pair of heels with a dark outfit will instantly lift it and your mood.

Choose a bright statement piece

Colour with confidence - Silver Pink

If overhauling the dark contents of your wardrobe isn’t an option right now, don’t worry. You can still begin introducing bright colours by buying a statement piece that you’ll wear every day like this gorgeous short trim cardigan. These pieces will brighten up any outfit you wear.


Colour with confidence - Silver Pink

When choosing an outfit remember that there is generally no colour that you should avoid, however, depending on your skin-tone you may suit a particular shade of a certain colour more than another – simply experiment and take note of which colours make you feel good, we just love the long trim cardigan as our statement piece.

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