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Meet The Silver Pink Team

We are proud to introduce the team that make the Silver Pink cogs and wheels turn on a day to day basis! What better way to do it than through a questionnaire?

Name: Sally Jones

Meet the team - Sally

Job Role : Owner and Creator

Day to day: Thinking of new products and liaising with customers as well as trying to keep up with my team!

3 Words that describe you: Energetic, Enthusiastic and Hardworking!

Favourite Silver Pink item: At the moment the heart pocket jumper in green and both shirts!!

When you’re not working for Silver Pink you are… Mother, Wife, Sister, Daughter and Dog and sport lover!


Name: Hatty Scaramanga

Meet the team - Hatty

Job Role: Marketing Manager

Day to day: Orchestrating the marketing operations for Silver Pink, covering all social media, affiliate outreach, PR, Influencer campaigns and copywriting.

3 Words that describe you: Driven, Energetic, Creative

Favourite Silver Pink item: The print shirt in grey – it’s beautiful!

When you’re not working for Silver Pink you are:  Running, practicing yoga, in the gym, and can often be found sipping on prosecco with friends!


Name: Amy Jones

Job Role: Digital Consultant

3 Words that describe you: Loud (very very loud!), organized, perfectionist of sort

Favourite Silver Pink item: Love them all for their different reasons! But top favourite item at the moment – Cowl neck jumper – I think this is just such a beautifully, elegant piece – and looks fab whether dressed up or down!

When you’re not working for Silver Pink you are : Trying to earn my keep as the Head of Content at a Digital Agency in Dubai, and all the fun that Dubai has to offer – brunches!


Name: Beth Mckendrick

Meet the team - Beth

Job Role: Hair and Makeup for Silver Pink’s commercial shoots & campaigns

3 Words: Adventurous, playful and creative

Fav silver pink item: My super soft striped jumper in pale pink!

When I’m not working for silver pink I’m: doing makeup here there and everywhere! Find me at


Name: Matt Lewis

Meet the team - Matt

Job Role: Creative Director at Stride

Day to day: Checking everything is consistent with the brand aesthetic. Including designing a variety of items for the Silver Pink brand and website. Items as varied as promotional print, packaging and new web pages.

3 Words that describe you: Eye for detail

Favourite Silver Pink item: Side button jumper in light blue

When you’re not working for Silver Pink you are : Riding my bike.

Who are Stride? : Stride are a branding agency who Silver Pink outsource for all things wonderful to do with the website, you can find out more about what Matt and the team get up to via the link below


Name: Joe Fawley

Meet the team - Joe

Job Role: Web Developer at Stride

Day to day: Keeping the website up and running, developing new features and helping to manage the online shop.

3 Words that describe you: Likes solving problems

Favourite Silver Pink item: Cable Cardigan in Pale Grey

When you’re not working for Silver Pink you are: Trying to make music.


Name: Pat Hanratty

Meet the team - Pat


Job Role: Videographer

Day to day: Capturing cinematic footage of shoot days with Silver Pink to put together a sleek edit to show off the brand

Favorite Item: Print Shirt in grey (très chic)

When you’re not working for Silver Pink you are: probably rowing!

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