Helpful returns

Sally, Thank you for trusting me and sending a new one before you received the returned one! I am in my late 80’s and have the utmost difficulty in finding cardigans with a collar of any sort. At my age one’s neck is not a very attractive feature! I live in Jeans, or slacks and sweaters, tee shirts and cardigans and I love cashmere. Gone are the days when I spent the week in the middle of London having to wear formal suits etc. and high heeled shoes! The fact that I wear casual clothing does not mean that I just wear any old thing – I still like to look well turned out and I was delighted to hear about your knitwear from a friend who came recently wearing the Long Trim Cardigan in dove grey with sky blue trim. Would you ever think, in spite of your name, of adding a black or navy and white trim cardigan – look lovely with Jeans and also with black trousers and a white vest top if one went out to a restaurant. However, I do love pastel colours too. I wish you every success and thank you for your kindness.

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