The Fabric Made From Trees

Many people have approached us recently asking if the new print shirts are made of silk or cotton due to their light feel and soft touch. Well, here’s your answer, it is made from viscose. You may or may not have heard of the fabric viscose but it is a semi synthetic fibre made from trees. Viscose is known to be a sustainable fabric as an alternative to cotton or polyester and a more durable alternative to silk hence why it is widely used in the fashion industry. The most popular type of garments the fabric is found in are drapey skirts, summer dresses, flowy blouses and soft textured items such as the pink hydrageas shirt and the print shirt in grey.

The history of the fabric stems from Europe. French scientist Hilaire De Chardonnet was credited with its invention. He derived the wood pulp or ‘cellulose’ from fast growing trees and plants such as eucalyptus, beech and pine, also bamboo, soy and sugar cane. The cellulose is dissolved in a chemical mixture to produce a substance which is then spun into fibres and made into threads. The plant-based fibre is not toxic or polluting making it more favourable to the environment.

We have listed the advantages of this interesting fabric:

  • known for its silk-like feel
  • drapes beautifully
  • breathable, like cotton in this regard
  • ideal for those seeking a luxurious look and feel at a more economical price point
  • blends well with other fibres, particularly woven ones
  • dyes easily and produces beautiful, vivid colours

If you are interested in how this fabric looks and feels, shop our new print shirts. Available in two colours they are style staples for your wardrobe and the perfect addition to any outfit.

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